Many organizations are looking for ongoing professional guidance to understand disability issues as it relates to their organizational environment. Disability Awareness Training can provide professional consultation on a case by case basis or through an ongoing retainer-based relationship. The following lists provide a sample of the types of consulting services we provide.

Corporate/Business (for-profit)

DAT works with businesses in an attempt to ensure they:

  • are sensitized by training personnel
  • improve hiring practices
  • build their customer base
  • have accessible physical plants
  • understand and comply with the American with Disabilities Act
  • understand and provide accommodations
  • are able to enhance their business to better serve their clientele
  • will have a step up on their competition

Service Providers (non-profits)

DAT provides service providers:

  • progressive program models
  • Abuse Prevention
  • current training that address Quality of Care
  • community presence that enhances Quality of Life for the individuals they serve
  • cross-discipline disability awareness