DAT has tailored a presentation for aides, teachers, and other support staff who have duties and responsibilities with students with disabilities. It brings together education on disabilities while enhancing sensitivity.

  • The success of a student with disabilities is directly related to the teacher’s awareness and understanding of the child and his or her disability. Essential to this is the ability of the educator to see the child beyond their disability. Attendees will be provided with an in-depth explanation of why society discriminates against individuals with disabilities. Essential to overcoming this is the school developing a confident, driven student that overcomes their obstacles and challenges. This is achieved when the educator is aware of the both the needs of the student and the supports available to them.


  • Introduction to disabilities most prevalent in students K-12
  • History of Special Education
  • Service provision and supports in WNY
  • Challenging behaviors and what to do about them
  • Understanding the parent/professional relationship
  • Proper etiquette and interaction skills

Learner Outcomes:

Attendees will learn about the disabilities that they encounter most frequently. Information and facts on what happens to these students when we don’t properly address their needs and challenges will be highlighted. Teachers will be able to better understand their student, his/her needs, how to implement techniques and accommodations in the classroom, and how to include peers. The importance of the treatment team and how best to utilize it will be also be emphasized.


Young people encounter people with disabilities too, but they filter the experience in their own unique way. Whalen presents the insights from his Disability Awareness seminar in a way that resonates with children and teenagers.