DAT believes that Inclusion begins in places of worship — aren't they supposed to be open and accepting of all who profess their faith?

The need to include individuals with disabilities within the church has been identified as one of the main components to breaking down the barriers that individuals face in everyday society. We need to ensure that this is consistent throughout the Diocese. Historical fact notes that Jesus Christ was the first individual on record to show compassion to people with disabilities. Christ's position actually ended infanticide, the killing of our children with disabilities. The Pastoral Statement of US Catholic Bishops on People with disabilities (11/16/78) states:

"It is not enough merely to affirm the rights of people with disabilities. We must actively work to make them real in the fabric of modern society. Recognizing that individuals with disabilities have a claim to our respect because they are persons, because they share in the one redemption of Christ, and because they contribute to our society by their activity within it, the Church must become an advocate for them."

Dave has served on the Dioceses of Buffalo's Disability Action Team since April 2007. The Disabilities Action Team has as its mission an increase in awareness and inclusion of ALL individuals in the faith. It has been noted that some Catholics with disabilities have been denied sacraments, left the faith to a more open-minded denomination, or want to attend mass and be a part of ministries but do not find a willingness or desire for their inclusion. Oftentimes, this is do to ignorance and a lack of awareness.

DAT can seamlessly apply this to other faiths.